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carry the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship with a natural lacquer water bottle


Urushi is the natural resin collected from the lacquer tree
URUSHI POKETLE is carefully handcrafted one by artisans of Fukui Prefecture's traditional craft "Echizen lacquerware" using real lacquer.
To enjoy hydration in a slightly different way
Can feel the warm and moist texture of the lacquer and the traditional patterns on the surface.
By applying lacquer by hand by craftsmen, including young craftsmen, there is also the purpose of passing on the lacquer technique, which is the basis of lacquer crafts.

■The body can be repaired■
"URUSHI POKETLE", which uses natural lacquer
Every time you uses, the surface will change so you can enjoy its unique and original design.In addition, scratches, fading, and cracks can be repainted and repaired.The culture of lacquerware that has been handed down for many years: "valuing things"Please help us realize a sustainable life.

For details on repairs, please see this questionnaire ( frontinside )

For inquiries about repairs, please contact Nakano Co., Ltd., which is listed on the medical questionnaire.

 ■It will be delivered in a luxurious box.
Will be nice for the present to your familiy or friend.. etc

SIZE H143×W43mm
WEIGHT 120g 
Heat-retaining effect 43°C or above (six hours)
Cold-retaining effect below 12°C or below (six hours)
INNER BOTTLE stainless steel 
TRUNK stainless steel
CAP polypropylene resin
PACKING silicone rubber
BOTTOM COVER silicone rubber
- Made in Japan
- Designed in Kyoto, Japan

※It might be a change the color to a real one depending on your device.
but we would appreciate your kind understanding.