Reminiscent of 50's American vintage


A stainless steel mug bottle with excellent cold and heat retention that can be used for both "direct drinking" and "cup drinking" scenes.
The one-touch stopper with a cup, the stainless steel texture and coloring make it feel like the American 50's, and the vintage design can be used by people of all ages, from children to adults.

Classic design and modern functionality,
Stainless steel mug bottle with excellent cold and heat retention

Despite its classic design,
Thermal insulation effect 67 degrees or more (6 hours), cold insulation effect 8 degrees or less (6 hours),
It has a modern high thermal insulation and cold insulation effect.

"Direct drink" and "cup drink"
A one-touch stopper with a cup that can be used in any scene

The "direct drink" that you drink directly from the inner plug that opens with one touch is for rehydration when you want to drink a lot, and the "cup drink" that you pour over the lid and drink warm drinks slowly, so you can use it regardless of the scene. receive.

Pop colors and vintage design that children want to have

The vintage design with stainless steel texture and coloring that makes you feel the American 50's is a shape that can be used by a wide range of generations from children to adults.

Dedicated cover with holding power for active carrying

The cute form using thick fabric and the two layers of fabric for the bottom part make it durable, reduces impact, and prevents damage to the water bottle. (Exclusive cover sold separately)


Product name: POKETLE CLASSIC 350

J A N : 4562342578334 (EMB), 4562342578341 (MTD), 4562342578358 (BLG)

Price: 3,520 yen (tax included)

Practical capacity: 350mL

Size: about Φ71 x length 185mm, diameter: about Φ42mm

Colors: From left to right: Amber Glow, Mustard, Blue Gray

Material: Body: Stainless steel, Lid: Polypropylene/stainless steel,
Inner lid: Polypropylene, Packing: Silicone rubber

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Product name: POKETLE CLASSIC 350 COVER [Cover for POKETLE CLASSIC 350]
J A N : 4562342578563 (EMB), 4562342578570 (MTD), 4562342578587 (BLG)
Price: 1,430 yen (tax included)
Size: About Φ70 x H120mm / Shoulder length: Maximum 1140mm
Color: Amber Glow, Mustard, Blue Gray from left to right Material: Body: Synthetic rubber/polyester, Shoulder: Polyester

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