pocket dripper



stainless steel wire dripper

Original stainless steel wire dripper.
I extracted the ingredient of the beans well and thought about the most suitable steaming and made it.
You can enjoy authentic coffee that is refreshing and easy to drink.

I want to realize a more comfortable coffee life with Pocketl.

This dripper was born from such a feeling.

Pocketl has a small mouth,
It is difficult to set with a general dripper.

Since the dripper covers the mouth of the pocket and the contents cannot be seen,
There was a drawback that it was difficult to tell how much was brewed.

Good compatibility with pocket

The POKETLE DRIPPER has a shape with a small ring protruding from the bottom.

This ring is sized to fit inside the pocket mouth.

many prototypes

Prototype the angle, number and shape of the wire many times,
I realized lightweighting and a drip feeling.

The diagonal twist of the wire creates a conical space for the paper filter.

By tightening this twist, the paper filter becomes
You can set it floating from the mouth of POKETLE.

This allows you to see how much drip coffee is in,
It is an item that combines a stylish appearance when dripping.

in your bottle

From 3.2 cm to 9.4 cm diameter bottles and cups,
Even a small bottle you have can be brewed while checking the capacity from the side of the dripper.

Product information


Product number: DWATMW01

Size: About W114×H83mm

Compatible filter: V type for 2 people

Material: Stainless steel

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