We have summarized the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

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We are very sorry, but we do not issue receipts.
In the case of credit card payment, the statement of delivery from our shop that is included when the product is delivered,
Please use the statement issued by the credit company as a receipt.

For the shipping fee, please check Shipping/Shipping/Handling .

For shipping, please check Shipping/Shipping/Handling .

About product

Do not use chlorine bleach as it may cause damage to the main unit such as rust and peeling.
Oxygen bleach can only be used inside the main unit.
*Please do not use it for soaking as it may cause the lid to peel off.

Pocketl is not equipped with a long-term heat / cold insulation function because it is intended for a little hydration during travel time and gap time. Thank you for your understanding.
In the unlikely event that it gets cold in an extreme amount of time (hot water becomes cold like water in an hour, etc.), please report it using the inquiry form .

The relatively new stainless steel may have a slight metallic odor.
Please be assured that it will naturally fade with use.
If it bothers you, you can put vinegar, citric acid, or baking soda in water (about 10% to 100% water) and soak it for about 30 minutes, then wash it well and dry it. Please try it once.

The following contents are not suitable for Pocketl, so please refrain from carrying them around.

・Carbonated drinks, etc.: There is a possibility that the pressure inside the main unit will rise and explode or scatter.
・Noodle soup or other highly salty food: It may cause rust.
・Dairy products: Fat may denature and spoil.
・Juice with fruit pulp, etc.: Not recommended as solids may get stuck in the lid and leak.

Make sure that the packing is pushed all the way in.
I think it's easier to put it on if you push it with a thin object such as a stick or bamboo skewer attached to the pocket cleaner.
If water still leaks, the product may be defective, so please report it using the inquiry form .

Currently, we do not do OEM for individual customers. We are very sorry that we did not meet your expectations.

Applying heat or immersing in water for a long time will cause the lid to peel off and cause it to run idle.
Please refrain from using the dishwasher.
We do not recommend the use of adhesives in the event of detachment. We hope that you will consider purchasing the product again.

Also, if it seems to be spinning at the stage of purchase even though it has not been used in a way that leads to peeling, there is a possibility of an initial defect, so please report it using the inquiry form .

If it is not an extreme scratch or color loss, it will occur due to manufacturing.
Please refer to this blog for details.

If you find unacceptably large scratches, please contact us using the inquiry form .

Uses Tritan™ material, which is highly impact-resistant and hard to crack.
This is a BPA-free product that does not contain the chemical substance BPA, which has an adverse effect on the human body.
Please enjoy the glass-like transparency that plastic does not have.

Please double check the inside of the lid as it may have black packing instead of white (translucent).
If the black packing is not attached, it is a defective product.
We will send you a good packing, so please report it from the inquiry form .

There are four dents in the middle of the lid, so please put thin objects such as chopsticks and bamboo skewers in there and take them out.
(There is a front and a back, so please be careful not to put it on the other way, as it will lead to leakage.)

When reattaching, please put it on while pressing with chopsticks.

See this blog image for details.

Make sure that the packing is pushed all the way in.
I think it's easier to put it on if you push it with a thin object such as a bamboo skewer.

If it falls off on its own even though it is already installed all the way to the back, it will be a defective packing, so we will send you a new one. Please report from the inquiry form .

To prevent damage, the pocket hang lid is designed to come off when a strong load is applied to the carabiner from the left or right. If it comes off, please see here for how to install it.


「ビードロ まほうびん インナーガラス交換セット」交換に関する注意点はこちらをご参考ください。



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