POKETLE vidro mahobin 1000

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We recommend glass because it is something used every day at home.

With its excellent heat and cold retention, it saves time and electricity. Choose a tabletop thermos based on taste.

Taking full advantage of the benefits of glass, we have developed a lightweight, safe thermos bottle using the latest technology to suit Japanese lifestyles.

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Easy-to-pour shape

The contents do not come out too quickly, allowing for a comfortable pour. The handle is designed to be easy to grip and provides a sense of stability.

- Heat retention is over 73℃ after 10 hours and over 61℃ after 24 hours

Cooling effect remains below 6℃ even after 10 hours

-One-button push design for one-handed operation
It can be opened and closed easily with just a light push. It is designed to be safe and not leak even if it falls over or is tilted.

- The lid has a simple screw-on structure
It has few parts and is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Lightweight and sturdy body design
The lid and body are made of lightweight polypropylene resin, with ingenious technology to safely protect the glass inside.

- Easy to clean, you can easily clean the inside using Poketto cleaner.



size Approx.  Φ124 x w 170 x h 250 mm
Actual Capacity 1000ml
Thermal insulation effect Over 73 ℃ (10 hours)
Cooling effect Below 6 ℃ (10 hours)
Medium bottle Borosilicate Glass
Body (outside) polypropylene 
lid polypropylene
rubber seal silicone rubber
country of origin China / Medium bottles are from India


Product number/JAN code

  • DWAHHT01-WH: 4562342579089
  • DWAHHT01-GY: 4562342579096
  • DWAHHT01-GR: 4562342579102

*Thermal insulation efficiency is the temperature of hot water at 95°±1°C when the actual volume of the container is filled with the pot and left upright for 10 hours (24 hours) at room temperature of 20°±2°C.

*Cooling efficiency is the temperature of hot water at 4°C±1°C when the actual volume of the container is filled with the container at room temperature of 20°C±2°C and left upright for six hours.



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