Precautions for use of glass thermoses
The inner bottle of POKETLE vidro mahobin 1000 is made of glass.

As stated in the instruction manual, the impact of adding ice or large temperature differences can cause the product to break down.
Minor scratches may cause cracks.

In that case, there is a risk of injury due to broken glass or the vacuum layer bursting.
Please be careful not to subject the product to strong impacts.

<Examples of actions that may cause strong impact >
Putting stick-shaped ice (Φ2cm x 10cm) made for plastic bottles or water bottles into them. *Even when filled with water, there is no resistance and the ice will make contact with the bottom of the glass bottle, resulting in a strong impact.
Dropping ice into a container without adding water, etc.

Examples of cases that have occurred with other companies' products include
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Glass thermos breakage accident

◇Although the majority of thermoses these days have stainless steel interiors, traditional glass thermoses are still sold and seem to be popular due to their design. However, glass thermoses are weaker against impacts than stainless steel thermoses and require careful handling. Here are some examples of accidents that have occurred.

(Case 1)
When I was about half-pouring hot water into the thermos, the bottle exploded, splashing the hot water all over the place, causing burns to my arms, hands, throat, and face.
→It is presumed that the accident occurred due to a small scratch that occurred during the eight-year period of use, such as when the inner stopper (with stainless steel water pumping pipe) was attached or detached, or when the inner bottle (made of glass) was washed, which caused the inner bottle to break due to the thermal shock of the hot water poured into it, and the burn injury was caused by the hot water that splashed out.
An investigation was not possible because the affected items had already been discarded.

(Case 2)
When cold water from the refrigerator was poured into a thermos, the bottle exploded and the shards spewed out, causing injuries to the eyes, wrists, etc.
→It is highly likely that pouring cold water into a bottle that had been scratched for some reason caused a thermal shock to the scratch, resulting in the glass breaking; however, since the damaged item had already been discarded and was no longer available, it was not possible to determine the cause.

◇Durable stainless steel thermoses have become mainstream, and glass thermoses seem to be treated in the same way. Some glass thermoses prohibit the putting of ice in them. As in the example, putting something cold right after something hot, or vice versa, can cause small scratches that can lead to breakage. Avoid using thermoses that heat or cool suddenly, and be careful not to wash them with hard brushes to avoid scratches.
In addition, if the inner bottle breaks, hot water may leak out, which may cause burns. The handling method may differ depending on the type of glass and its purpose (portable, tabletop, etc.). Please read the instruction manual and labels carefully before use.