A new model with enhanced compatibility with more active scenes


POKETLE HANG is a new model of the POKETLE® series born with the concept of "more active". It was realized by adding a stylish carabiner structure to the lid of POKETLE. As with the previous POKETLE, you can choose between 120mL and 180mL capacities and three earth colors that will not feel out of place even outdoors.




Pursuing "Hanging"
carabiner structure

A carabiner is one of the climbing tools that are mainly used for climbing. POKETLE HANG adopted a carabiner structure assuming active use scenes. The carabiner structure attached to the cap will not let go of your grasp. You will no longer go anywhere by yourself. You can also hang it on the belt loop of your pants as well as your bag.

as an attractive item.

POKETLE120, 120S are small 120ml water bottles. Its small size is exactly the size of an accessory attached to a bag. POKETLE HANG is an attractive item that can be used as a bag charm by hanging it on your bag.

Commitment to Texture -Powder Coat-

POKETLE120, 120S and 180 had a matte surface coating. The surface of the POKETLE HANG bottle body is powder coated. This greatly increases affinity with active scenes and reduces stress.

Human-friendly manufacturing even with improved functionality

Even if the functions are improved, of course we will not forget to consider the users. BPA*-free polypropylene is used for the cap with a carabiner structure.
*BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical substance used as a raw material for some plastics, and is subject to regulation mainly in Europe and the United States.