[Replacement booth] has been set up to reduce plastic bottle waste!

"Road to 2025!! TEAM EXPO FES" As a measure against heat stroke throughout the venue,
18 water servers, 168 bottles of 12L bottled water (approximately 2 tons), and portable personal bottles for all venue staff will be provided at water supply spots.
* My bottles for venue staff were provided by DESIGN WORKS ANCIENT.

In addition, we will conduct a “replacement” demonstration experiment in which people who have forgotten their own bottles at the venue or who do not carry their own bottles on a daily basis will be lent their own bottles free of charge and returned at the end of the event. was broken.

When lending a bottle, we ask for 1,000 yen,
I will return it when you return it. By carrying your own bottle and having an environment with a well-equipped water supply spot, the new daily life (future) of ``filling up when the bottle runs out'' is an environment-friendly experience.

DESIGN WORKS ANCIENT co-sponsored this "replacement".
I hope that this initiative will lead to the spread of personal bottles.

[Road to 2025!! TEAM EXPO FES overview]

Dates: Saturday, July 23, 2022 to Sunday, July 24, 2022
◆Venue: Minoh Campus, Osaka University ◆Admission: Free *Some contents are charged ◆Special page: https://www.team-expo-fes.jp/