Casually carry the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship with a natural lacquer water bottle


A lacquer collaboration model of "POKETLE", which is a huge hit with its extremely small size of 120ml, and "Echizen lacquerware", which boasts a tradition of about 1500 years.
Craftsmen of Fukui Prefecture's traditional craft "Echizen lacquerware" used genuine lacquer and carefully handcrafted "URUSHI POKETLE", which was born with a sense of luxury. You can enjoy hydration in a slightly different way while feeling the tradition with the warm and moist texture of the lacquer and the auspicious pattern on the surface.


Elegance even in Japanese attire

With URUSHI POKETLE, which has a sleek and elegant texture and appearance, in one hand, you can stroll around tourist spots and towns. It has just the right amount of water for a glass of water, so it's great for going out wearing a kimono.

traditional color, lacquer color

Traditional Japanese colors inherited by Echizen lacquerware, which has a history of about 1,500 years. The “black” of lacquer, which has the property of absorbing light, has been defined as “jet black” since ancient times, and it is a glossy and distinctive black. The vermillion color of lacquer is a gorgeous and auspicious color, and has been loved for many years as it brings good luck. In addition, the translucent “Tameiro”, which combines the characteristics of vermillion and jet black, is made by applying transparent lacquer over vermillion. Lacquer gradually becomes transparent as it ages, and Tameiro is one of the representative colors of lacquer that allows you to enjoy its translucent beauty.

Traditional Japanese craft lacquer technique

"URUSHI POKETLE" made one by one by hand by a craftsman. This product, which uses natural lacquer, was created with the desire to spread the culture of lacquerware into everyday life. By applying lacquer by hand by craftsmen, including young craftsmen, there is also the purpose of passing on the lacquer technique, which is the basis of lacquer crafts.

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