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POKETOLE's Proposal "The Ima of Kyusu" Glass Tea Pot

Even in today's lifestyle where people are moving away from kyusu (Japanese teapot) and toward a more minimalistic lifestyle,
We want to bring comfort to people's hearts by enjoying a cup of delicious tea.

The name of the product, "calm," means "peace of mind,
We hope that even today's busy people can enjoy a moment of calm by brewing a cup of authentic tea in a casual manner.
The name "calm" means "peace of mind.

Dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant glass, microwave-safe (*excluding filter)


*Minimalistic, one-cup-size form that is in tune with modern lifestyles.現

*The glass design allows you to see and enjoy each step of the tea brewing process.
 After that, when you cover the pot with a cup, the tea leaves begin to steam and form droplets. Because it is made of glass, you can enjoy the process of making tea with your eyes.

*Enjoy an authentic cup of tea with just this one product, which is made with attention to the "last drop" that is essential to tea.
 When hot water is poured into the silicon filter, approximately 120 mL of hot water for a single brew (4 g) of tea leaves can be poured in for a delicious brew. In addition, the filter's spout pursues a shape that allows the last drop* to be poured into the cup. Furthermore, by making the glass thicker, heat from the inside is less likely to be transferred to the outside, and the cup will only feel slightly warm to the hand when drinking.

*Made of glass and silicone, complete in 3 parts, easy to clean
 Compared to a traditional kyusu, the simple design of CALM is easy to clean.
The glass material is resistant to tea stains and dries quickly after washing.
The silicone filter, which is similar to a conventional tea strainer, is designed to be less uneven to prevent clogging in the weave and to be easy to keep clean.

SIZE Approx.W85×D80×H140mm
HEat resistance temperature difference
Body and lid Borosilicate glass
Silicone rubber
Made in

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